People Who Inspire Me: Rebecca Garrido

I met Rebecca this last summer thanks to Instagram and ever since we met we've been the best of friends. It's amazing how an app can help you find people that will change your life forever. Anyway, the first day we met I knew that she would be someone that I could entirely trust, we made a friendship click that I can't put into words.

Rebecca inspires me in my photography because she also loves nature and cozy places like me, so we mostly go out to the same places and understand each other very well when we want to take a picture. She takes her photos with an analogue camera too; the best thing is the fact that we were there for each other in the process of learning this amazing way of taking beautiful pictures on film (with the help of a friend that I will talk about later).

She is someone that never gives up on her dreams and her work (she is a workaholic); I admire this so much because she's like the sister I never had and I always know I can count on her for any advice that I need on any subject.

By the way, she has a brand named Wildheart where she makes the best swimsuits ever, you can find more about this in here and the store is here

So, Rebecca is one of those important humans who inspire me. You can find her Instagram profile here.

Photography by Rebecca Garrido.

A day at Botánica Taller Orgánico

Some lovely details with analogue photography at Botánica Taller Orgánico (in Monterrey, México), from the times I’ve worked with them with some pictures.

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